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Press releases

The column “Press releases”, which was created on the request of clients, features information of state institutions, Lithuanian and foreign companies, non-governmental organisations and private individuals regarding their activities, achievements, inventions, upcoming events and invitations, announcements and statistics – everything that is important to subscribers. The staff of ELTA news agency does not write or proofread press releases, even though some clients have requested this. However, experienced editors will gladly help subscribers to publish their first press release.

When publishing a press release, a subscriber must follow Lithuanian law as well as presumption of innocence, respect intellectual property rights and a person’s right to privacy, and not publish false information.
Photos, logos, diagrams and YouTube videos can be added to press releases.

Subscribers are given user names and passwords to log in to the website and are authorised to publish press releases any time suiting them. A function of postponed publication may be used to issue a press release at a specific time.
If circumstances require, a subscriber may cancel or edit a press release within 24 hours or ask ELTA staff to do this.

Press releases are classified into the following topics: politics, business, law enforcement, health, culture, sports, miscellaneous etc.

Press releases may be published not only in the Lithuanian language, but in any other language that uses the Latin alphabet letters.

ELTA shall not be liable for the content of a press release.

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